Artist Bio

My journey into jewelry started in Japan, with a gift. A necklace from a friend back home. It was a good luck charm, and I wore it non-stop for my year as an exchange student. Fittingly, the necklace came off a month after being back home. Instead of buying a replacement, I opted to make a new one. 

Back in Japan a year later (I love that place!) a friend was intrigued by my new necklace and asked if I could make him one. He also suggested selling at the local market. The first market went great and also improved my language abilities. Perhaps it was the novelty of a foreigner hawking his wares in the local tongue. I vowed to keep it up.

Since then I've enameled, soldered, fused, bezeled, laser cut, stone cut and wire wrapped my way across the jewelry world. I believe in perpetually learning, it keeps the mind sharp!  My latest work has been in semi precious stones and metalsmithing.  I have been especially interested in finding my own minerals while rockhounding on trips, then making them into works of wearable art when I return home.

I hope you enjoy my collection. Any questions? Message me! I love to communicate about the process.